Best Alcoholic Beverages to Pair with Sushi and Why

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New generations of itamae, the head sushi chefs in front of boards, have been taking responsibility for the preparation of most sushi offered by NYC restaurants. Regarded as sushi masters, many are now operators who offer sushi near me, I sometimes can’t make up my mind which will be my pick for the day. Actually, my decision is sometimes influenced by the kind of drink I’m having other than beer or tea.

Beverages and Sushi Variants that Best Complement Each Other

If i always had my way, I’d make sure to pair my sushi choices with the kind of drink I’m having, which is usually beer or a cup of green tea. I learned from many sushi afficionados that traditional sake is good but there are drinks that go really well with all kinds of sushi because they complement every flavor in each concoction.

What I’ve been told is that every drink has a certain level of acidity and texture, which if heavy can compete with the texture of a sushi. If the heaviness dominates the palate, it prevents you from experiencing the savory adventure you enjoy when eating sushi. Anyway, without further ado, the following are tips for alcoholic drinks to best pair with the sushi you’re having.


Beer is a common drink New Yorkers take to accompany their choice of sushi. Yet beer drinks have a certain level of bitterness that can interfere with the flavors of a light sushi. Nevertheless, dry lager or pale pilsen beers are the kind of alcoholic beverages that can go well with any kind of sushi because they will not overpower the delicate flavors used as ingredients in sushi. The lighter the beer the more complementary it becomes. as it can cut the taste in the palate to make way for other flavors,

The Japanese Sake

Sake is a popular Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. While many have been led to believe that it’s the traditional drink in washing down sushi, it turns out that it’s not totally true. Sake can overpower the taste of ordinary tuna as there’s a certain heaviness to the texture of the drink. The heavy texture is one reason why sake has become a huge favorite for many Americans.

Rather than consider the drink, consider the best type of sushi to eat with sake, such as sushi rolls like California Roll, Sushi Volcano Roll or Nigiri Roll where the fresh fish ingredients will be able to hold their own flavor.

Wine – The Best Drink to Pair with Sushi

Wine varieties offer the most complementary pairing with sushi because there are different wine types that go well with the lightness or heaviness of a sushi and its flavor. Some great examples are Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

Dry Champagne

Dry champagne is in a league of its own as the most suitable drink to pair with sushi, especially when the sushi embellishments are yellowtail tuna or albacore tuna. Sparkling dry champagne albeit expensive, has a velvety texture that enhances rather than compete with zesty seafood flavors.

As I wrote earlier, ordinarily, my choice of sushi often depends on the kind of drink I’m having. Yet when I’m celebrating, I order the best tasting sushis that the head sushi chef will recommend for my champagne.