Fascination with music

August 28, 2020 Norwood Faulkner 0 Comments

Hardly anyone can do without music. It makes you sad, makes you happy, stimulates and calms you. Clearly, music is an emotional thing. And as it is with emotional things: There are always scientific disciplines that want to explain how things work.

One thing is certain: music affects the whole body. It penetrates through the ear into the brain and sets off complex reactions there: from influencing the pulse to tingling in the stomach area, to tears and joy.

Music influences and is more than just radio entertainment, it can control your perception.

Music in the stomach and in the head, heart, and brain

Music creates emotions. It puts you in a good mood, makes you melancholy, stimulates, or calms you down. That and how music influences our mood is due to the interplay of various factors. Playing music while cleaning your assured rent property would give you the boost to finish it happily.

Why music and heartbeat go well together

When melody and harmonies are faded out, the basic beat remains.

Without it, the beat, a piece of music would tend to appear contour less. Pieces with a fast basic beat are stimulating, slower songs seem sedate and calm. This has something to do with a very fundamental issue: namely, your own heartbeat. So you unconsciously associate this beat with calm. If the basic beat gets faster, you associate this with excitement, tension, energy, or movement, because the heartbeat also gets faster in joyful, eventful, or physically demanding situations.

The fact, strictly speaking, the fact that people bring the beat of a song in connection with the heartbeat is not actually active knowledge, but rather an unconscious, yet decisive reaction to what is heard. It means that everyone has their own emotional metronome built-in.

The beat of a song can help and influence you in different situations. It is no coincidence that you meet runners in the forest with headphones that play their personal jogging playlist.

Even if it’s not about life and death, the beat is a decisive criterion for many styles of music.