Features Of The Best Mini Guitar Amp

December 20, 2020 Alease Iggy 0 Comments

If you aren’t busking on a large stage, a mini guitar amp can be an excellent choice especially when you frequently travel or want something that could fit inside your bag. At times, a regular amp isn’t practical. Hence, the best mini guitar amp might just be what you need.

Features Of Mini Guitar Amps

Although you have a primary amplifier, a mini guitar amp can function as an added amplification support particularly for performances that need lesser volume or perhaps when you are simply playing around your guitar. The best mini guitar amp is also particularly suitable for practice sessions as it has sufficient power, as well as clear and smooth sound on low volumes.

When choosing the best mini guitar amp, there are several aspects to consider in order for you find the most reliable mini amp that will best match your needs. So what makes an excellent mini amplifier?

A mini guitar amplifier, which is also called a practice amp, has its own set of useful features making them suitable and perfect not only for practice sessions but as a portable amp that you can bring with you as you travel with your guitar or when your performance simply requires a low volume. Let’s check out some:

Clarity of Sound

One of the most remarkable feature of the best mini guitar amp is the clarity of sound it produces at a low volume. A lot of guitar experts would recommend a mini guitar amp low wattage since it sounds a lot better at lesser volumes since mini amps with high wattages can distort the quality of sound produced leaving you with poor sound clarity.

Size and Portability

As the term implies, mini guitar amplifiers have smaller sizes which usually come in two variations – micro mini amps and macro mini amps. Micro mini amps are compact sizes that could be as small as your palm. Typically, this kind of amps don’t go beyond 10-watts. The other variant is the macro mini amp which is bigger than the compact size mini amp and are much louder. The wattage for this kind of amp is usually between 10 watts to 20 watts.


As mini guitar amps are smaller, they are then lightweight making it much easier to carry around. Do note that mini guitar amps come in various sizes and weight.