Food and Drinks Recommended for Archers

April 21, 2020 Norwood Faulkner 0 Comments

One important part of our lives is eating as it supplies energy for the body. However, in terms of nutrition, people often think that they must have to deal with restricted diets. On the other hand, nutrition should be kept in our minds often.

Good nutrition comes with good planning and it aids in understanding the food to eat, the time to eat, and the appropriate amount to eat.

Good Nutrition for Archers

Like other athletes, archers also easily suffer from stress, fatigue, and may become ill in case proper nutrition is not observed. Taking in various food groups within the day in moderate amounts assists archers to manage their body’s supply of fuel that is needed to perform well. Most importantly, specific nutritional requirements during training and competition are very much needed by archers.

What food to eat?

The main thing here is food variation as it will lead to a well balanced nutrition. It is advisable to eat various foods each day and avoid eating the same food items more than once per day. In order to maintain proper nutrition, archers need to vary the textures, aromas, flavors, and nutrition from foods. Planning meals with variation is one simple way of ensuring that archers and other athletes get the nutrients they need. Read more below to know the essential elements that archers and other athletes must have to consume daily.


  • Protein


  • Vegetables – archers and athletes are required to eat around 5 to 6 servings of vegetables daily.


  • Water – drink at least 1 liter to 3 liters of water everyday.


  • Multi-vitamins – multi-vitamins are needed by athletes’ and archers’ bodies. Since, food variation is the main thing for them, vitamins and minerals like iron from foods we eat are already supplemented.

When is the right time to eat?

Actually, eating three meals per daybreakfast, lunch, and dinner, is the best meal plan to follow even for non-athletes. This should also include snacks between the meals as snacks are important in maintaining the fuel between each meal so that you may keep on going. 

How much food to eat?

In measuring one serving of food, experts or professionals are using the portions” as a unit of measurement. And the factor that used to control the amount of food intake is called “portion control“. When we deal with good nutrition, portion control is used to help archers and other athletes to eat the needed calories and avoid taking too much.