Gigs & Sounds at your Local Coffee place

Sticky Post May 5, 2021 Cyrus Wells 0 Comments

Many musicians complain about the lack of gigs they have, but when I ask them to look closely at the type of venue they are searching, the repeated pattern seems to be clubs, stadiums, concert halls and pubs. What I want to share here is to maintain a real look out and be totally conscious of the possible gig locations and don’t restrict yourself. How about parks, restaurants, parks or my favorite, the neighborhood coffee shops?

Coffee shops are another link in the chain of amazing gigs. Depending on the venue, you can fall in several times and build links with employees and get a feel for the type of consumers that arrive. Make it your second residence! Depending on the type of music, coffee stores represent the ideal place for musicians to meet with their perfect crowd, and if they’re your right audience, what must your audiences be doing if they are not watching you? Drinking coffee.

Coffee shops are great spot for those that want a break from the work and home. It is like the center space, or the next distance. I personally like these places since it is nice and comfy, letting you build deeper relationships with all the audiences.

It’s very important to target the ideal show for the right venue. If you play acoustic guitar and sing using a voice that is soft, do not visit a coffee where staff shout to clients that their order is prepared. Another thing that’s important is your sounds. Don’t forget to bring your amplifiers and instruments. Most importantly, check if it’s working. If not, visit your repair shop [ ] to have it fixed.

Also pay attention to the peak and off-peak times at the coffee shop since you are able to use this to your advantage really easily. Should you perform in the morning when it’s peak time and attract many customers for the shop, you will notice that the lunch area might be rather low in customers, therefore pitched correctly, you can request the store management if you could play in the day, and draw the consumers that way.

The most significant thing is that you’ve already built up excellent relationships so you are able to emphasise how you will bring more people to their location.