How iPhone Improves Pictures of Foods

October 6, 2019 Janele Amethyst 0 Comments

In today digital era, it is no doubt that electronic devices are all around us – smartphones, laptop, iPads, Smart TVs, and many more. Our every day tasks at work, at school, or even at work depend a lot on technology. But if you will carefully take a look at it, technology has been a part of our lives regardless if it is work related or not. Almost the majority of the people we know have smartphones and cannot live without it. And it has made a huge impact to us. We post in social all the things we do through a post or a statement. We even take a picture of our food before eating it.

For this article, we will tackle how smart phones, specifically iPhones improve food photography. This explains the reason why Phones for sale are everywhere, because phone users are really into a nice photography.

Food is usually our every day subject when it comes to photography or posting our current status online. With this, it is important to come up with a quality picture. And great photography not only depends on the food presentation on your plate, but also on  iPhone made this easier with its artistic effects and user friendly features. But of course, there are specific rules one must comply to in order to achieve your goal. This article will provide you tips and guidelines for capturing a amazing food photos.

1. Aim for the angle that captures natural light– no matter how pricey or presentable your food is, it is important for it to look lively and this can be done using natural light.

2. Take advantage of the shadow- this effect is usually overlooked by iPhone users. Did you know that, taking shadow pictures using iPhone is stunning? Sometimes, you will no longer need a filter for this.

3. Check the background- it is also important to choose a background that is neutral. Because even though your food is instagramable but the background is messy, it will not look attractive.

4. Rearrange the foods if necessary –  use your creativity by positioning the foods where they will look neat and presentable.