Korean Rice Cakes: How Long Do They Last?

November 23, 2022 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

The term “tteokbokki” also refers to Korean rice cakes. The crunchy snack Americans are used to is very different from these stir-fried rice cakes. The American rice cakes you buy at the grocery store will keep for a very long time in your cabinet, especially if the package is kept unopened.

Tteokbokki is a unique case. Korean rice cakes must be eaten quickly because they are created fresh. After being prepared, a fresh tteokbokki rice cake should only be stored in your fridge for two to three days at most.
Do you want to know how long Korean rice cakes can be stored? We’ll talk about how long it takes for a Korean rice cake to spoil on this page. You’ll be able to determine how long you can keep that tteokbokki once you’ve finished reading this article. Find out by reading on!

How long do rice cakes last before going bad?

One of Korea’s most beloved dishes is tteokbokki. It’s always a joy to have this healthy snack. Of course, eating Korean rice cakes immediately after cooking brings out their greatest flavors. However, occasionally you may have leftovers since your eyes are bigger than your stomach.
All leftover rice cakes need to be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or kept in an airtight container.
The Korean rice cakes will start absorbing the sauce as they chill in the refrigerator, so keep that in mind. The quality will decline the longer they sit. Because of this, these rice cakes typically go bad after two or three days. They are no longer suitable to serve beyond this period.

What about uncooked or store-bought Korean rice cakes?

Tteokbokki from the store typically lasts longer than fresh rice cakes. To find out when the rice cakes expire, always refer to the instructions on the packaging. The tteokbokki is typically packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag to preserve the rice cakes’ freshness and flavor.
The majority of prepackaged tteokbokki will keep for a few weeks. Prior to being cooked or exposed to air, the tteokbokki does not begin to lose its freshness. However, if it remains unopened in the refrigerator much after its expiration date, it can start to go bad.
Tteobokki that has not been cooked or packaged won’t go bad as quickly as rice cakes that have been made. When kept chilled, this will allow for a longer shelf life.

Do expired rice cakes still taste good?

The realization that you bought a food item past its “best before” date is one of life’s worst frustrations, and rice cakes are no exception. Under some circumstances, you might be able to eat a rice cake that has gone bad.
Always examine the rice cake visually first. If you spot any mold, throw away the rice cake; otherwise, you might be able to consume it.
When cooking a rice cake, it’s crucial to tightly seal the leftovers. In this manner, they will keep better in the refrigerator. Cooked rice cakes can potentially spoil considerably more quickly than packaged tteokbokki, but they can still be eaten if consumed within a few days.