List of Foods that are Not Allowed for Kidney Patients

September 12, 2020 Janele Amethyst 0 Comments

You have to come up with a kidney-friendly if you have bad kidney. Monitoring what you are intaking will make you healthy and will provide ample energy to keep you going throughout the day. This article is for people who must strictly be on a diet but are not in dialysis.

While the list of foods in this article is known to be bad for people with kidney stones problems, this information must be used as a general guide. Not everyone is the same when it comes to nutrition requirements. Make sure to consult your dietitian (a person who is experienced and has specialization in diet and nutrition for individuals with kidney problems) to come up with a diet plan that is safe for you.

Seek professional help from your doctor and ask to refer a dietician for you. In addition to that, HMO companies and other private insurance policies will cover the consultation fees.

Below are some of the foods you need to avoid if you are suffering from kidney problems:

Whole wheat bread

Knowing what type of bread to eat can be hard for people with kidney problems. More often than not, for healthy people, whole wheat bread is normally acceptable compared to refined, white bread.

Whole wheat bread is a healthier option, primarily because of its high fiber content. Nevertheless, white bread is typically advisable compared whole wheat bread for people with kidney problems.

Processed Meats

Processed meats are known to be related to chronic diseases and are believed to be considered as not healthy because of their toxic contents. These foods are meats that were salted, dried, cured, or canned. The most common examples  of processed meats are hot dogs, sausage, and bacon, to name a few.

Chips and Junked Foods

Ready-to-eat tasty chips such as pretzels and even crackers does not have enough nutrients and have high salt content. Aside from that, it’s not difficult to intake more than the advisable amount of these foods, often resulting to even higher salt intake than what is required. Worse it, if thse foods are made from potatoes, they’ll contain a substantial content of potassium also which can be dangerous.