Music for gastronomy: The ears eat too

January 5, 2021 Norwood Faulkner 0 Comments

How can you optimize the sound system in your restaurant with good speakers and a coordinated sound concept?

Music influences behavior and not just because good music fades out everyday life or lifts your mood. Music is chiefly interesting for restaurateurs because restaurateurs have a great interest in their guests eating and drinking more, slower or faster.

What do you expect from a sound system with music?

Sound system with music is a real added value for the catering industry. That doesn’t mean that sound reinforcement has to be expensive for gastronomy. However, it has to be well planned and follow a clear concept.

Background music influences consumer behavior through genre, tempo and volume

It is clear that different types of catering establishments need different sound solutions. In addition to the music genre, there are two particularly important levers:

The pace affects the activity. A steady pace promotes calm and can increase the length of stay in the restaurant. A fast pace is more likely to activate people, for example, to consume or exercise.

The volume influences social behavior. When the volume is low, guests talk more seriously. When the volume is high, guests move closer together, are in a party mood and talk less.

On the other hand, restaurants, bars, and café need bat removal services from time to time to ensure cleanliness.

Adapt the sound system to the guest situation

Slow music tempts guests to stay longer. That can be an advantage in a restaurant, for example, when guests order another drink after their meal. A long stay can also be a disadvantage if the restaurant is fully booked and you have to put off the walk-in customers at the door. Somewhat faster, but still high-quality music then helps. The music should not be techno or rock music but rather a subtle, subliminal effect. Of course, you shouldn’t drive away your guests. But a small musical difference is often enough.

Sound is part of the catering concept

No matter how good the food and drinks in a restaurant – if the rest is not satisfactory, the guests won’t come back. Also because the competition in the cities is particularly great. A clear, positive gastro concept, therefore, ensures returning guests.

The sound system for a restaurant is part of the concept. It is the soundtrack for the food.