Music is a marketing tool

December 28, 2020 Norwood Faulkner 0 Comments

For success in gastronomy, the right music for the concept is just as important as good cuisine, attentive service or the right furnishings. Music is the language of emotions. With a suitable concept for the background music in gastronomy, customers and guests can be reached emotionally especially if they are being served with healthy meal concepts.

The importance of background music in gastronomy

It is a mistake to try to meet the tastes of customers with the music on offer. It is crucial to find and use the right music room concept for your own company. For many guests, it is not important whether they know the background music in the restaurant or bar. The music doesn’t have to reflect personal taste either. It is more important that the music corresponds to the desired ambiance.

It’s not just the guests who enjoy a carefully selected, varied selection of music. Keep in mind that the staff will listen to music selection 8 to 10 hours a day. This has an impact on the work of the staff. For employees, too, enjoying varied musical concepts in the workplace can promote motivation and lift the mood.

Relationship between music and mood

The connection between music and mood has been proven. The important properties for this are tempo, pitch, instrumentation and volume.

The tempo of the music has a strong influence on the mood. Fast music usually has a happy and lively effect, slow music tends to be calming, sometimes also sad. The rhythm is also a decisive factor: regularity and consistency convey seriousness and robustness, while inconsistent rhythms are perceived as playful and dreamy.

That the pitch influences the mood can also be observed in personal perception. So deep, dark tones and minor keys seem rather sad or mysterious. High notes, the major mode and harmonious pieces, on the other hand, have a cheerful and stimulating effect.

Different music concepts appeal to different guest segments

What is certain is that with specific music concepts, different guest segments can be addressed and linked to a catering establishment. The right music creates an atmospheric dramaturgy around the clock, every day, which consciously perceived or discreetly in the background rounds off the overall picture of a concept.