Perfect Drinks on First Date

January 19, 2020 Arden Autumn 0 Comments

For any men, it is always a mystery on what to order during your first date at the bar without asking her. Fact is, men are taking a leap of faith on every move they make. This may seem to be a harmless move for women but for guys, it is an extremely risky decision that could make or break their chance of getting another date.

Fortunately, there are couple of pointers that could help you to navigate in the right path on how to please your woman. In the next paragraphs, you are about to uncover the secrets on how you can offer her a drink without being turned down.

Coke and Rum

Do you want a nice way to kick off your night? Worry no more as the classic coke and rum combo saves you.

With all the drinks that you can pick, first thing you must do is to observe if your date likes rum. Because let us face the fact that not everyone loves it.

And if you have a hint that she does, then go for it!

Order a coke and rum and break the ice. Prove her that you can also loosen up if needed to.


If you want to play it safe, then rather than going in for the kill with some vodka shots, you may perhaps want to take things slowly. Keep thing simple and order a glass of chardonnay. Well let’s say that it is a subtle way of telling her you’re interested to know more about her.

This will give you more time to find out what she really wants to drink. Besides, who would not want to have a bit of class to a casual date? Furthermore, this makes your intentions clear that you just like her to be more comfortable with you.

Gin and Tonic

Have a hunch that she’s not into whiskey? Don’t fret because there’s always a backup plan. Another classic that you’ll never go wrong is gin and tonic. This puts you in a safer ground. It’s just the perfect drink for any occasion that you could think off. Meaning to say, it is just impossible to be wrong with this choice.