Pizza and Beer: The Total Comfort Food!

January 7, 2020 Shawnee Andre 0 Comments

Pizza with beer is total comfort food. One is definitely not eating pizza without pairing it with beer. I mean, who does not love pizza and who can even resist a beer? Then have it both!

Apart from the fun fact that pizza and beer go along so good together, it also has a lot of good health benefits to the body. Some say it is the perfect dietary combo.

But how true is that? Today, this blog post will talk about a few valuable information about the health benefits of alcohol and pizza and how having them both together is a good ultimate pair! If you still need more articles like this, you can simply go to

Health Benefits of Beer

Beer is not just an alcoholic drink you usually drank up when you are looking for fun. Or if you wanna drown off from your stress. Actually, it has a lot of good health benefits that you may never really think of.

One of the many health benefits of alcohol: it is good for the heart. Surprisingly, the booze you get from your alcohol drink helps cut back your risk from cardiovascular diseases.

Another is that it helps you think like a genius. Some have proven that taking beer during reviews and studies helps them think so actively, making them think like a total genius. So who needs a brain booster when you can just have a beer?

Aside from that, there are still more benefits to having a beer: it’s good in preventing diabetes, get instant confidence, helps you see clearer, lowers your blood pressure and a lot more.

Health Benefits of Pizza

You may never see this coming but yes, pizza as one of the Italian foods in Victoria is a healthy snack.

Pizza helps in improving your calcium intake. A slice of cheese pizza contains about 200 milligrams of calcium or 25 per cent of your daily value meal. Which makes pizza such a healthy treat to devour. It also means that you are eating multiple vegetables in one pizza. Its toppings can vary to your likeness, but if you top your pizza with healthy one then it’s for sure that you are eating it right too.

Pizza is whole grain snack too! Taking pizza helps you get more fibre for the day. Its whole-wheat crust has at least twice as much fibre as the regular crust. This fibre can lower your risk of health problems such as high cholesterol and constipation.