Steaming Corn, Cup of Tea, Music, And Riddles

Sticky Post May 9, 2019 Davis Anderson 0 Comments


As a kid, my cousins and I used to gather around the fireplace when the rain starts pouring and Granny prepared a steaming pot of hot corn for everyone to enjoy. While enjoying steamed corn over a cup of tea and while the fire crackles in the midst of the dark (no power happens usually when the rain starts to pour hard), Grandy starts to play music while drumming his fingers on the table, making a beat that would go with his riddles for everyone to answer. Grandy’s riddles were quite easy and I am the first one who usually gets the answer.

Riddles were the games we used to play…

Those were the days when there were no mobile devices that can charge up ready to use in times of power interruption. Riddles, particularly music riddles, were the games we used to play. It was fun until it needs to end or shift to another genre of riddles. The hard riddles are even better because everyone gets to pitch in answers in solving the riddle. Each one can give their riddle to solve and the first one to answer gets to skip a chore or two for the day. Anyone who answers it wrong will have to take over the chore of the winner.

Gone were the days of good riddles…

Those days were gone. Now, riddles are just riddles without the real fun of it. While there are still families who exchanged riddles, it wasn’t the same as it was when life was simple. But kudos to teachers who engage their students into riddles and allowing them to have fun in the simplest way possible. For those who have forgotten, for busy families who forgot to play, for busy individuals looking to de-stress, the answer could just be right there. No need for a fancy vacation to have some good real fun. All it takes is steaming hot corn, a cup of tea, music, and a good set of riddles.