The importance of food safety

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The international organization (UN) has included the world challenge of the fight against hunger among its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The world organization Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has warned of the numerous paradoxes within the world, like the very fact that in recent years hunger has increased alongside other kinds of malnutrition like obesity.

The concept of food safety emerged within the seventies. This has developed into this definition that encompasses a spread of economic, social, and cultural variables.

According to the FAO’s report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition within the World published in 2019, an estimated 2 billion people within the world are experiencing some sort of food insecurity — even in North America and Europe, where it’s estimated that 8% of the population are affected —. These data show that food safety, although it’s not identical for everybody, could be a global problem. The principles that enable us to ascertain food security levels are as follows:

Food insecurity is also transitory because of questions associated with the seasonal nature of the agricultural industry or the cyclical issue of a slump. Storage may be a pivotal aspect of this.

Food intake should meet nutritional needs, further as food preferences.