The Psychology Behind The Perfect Playlist

January 13, 2020 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

The Function of Music in Your Restaurant

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Music in your restaurant can perform various functions. For example, it can contribute to the atmosphere in the restaurant or emphasize the style of your kitchen. But music also has the power to make people eat faster or unconsciously make it clear that closing time is insight. The function of music in your restaurant depends on the type of restaurant you run and the psychological effects of music that you find important.

Fine Dining
Playing hard rock music in a fine dining restaurant can be an interesting concept. But if you didn’t intentionally mean this, your visitors will regard this as a big mistake. Popular music and well-known sing-alongs also do not fit with a fine dining concept. If your restaurant exudes exclusivity, well-known music will not benefit your name recognition.

Fine dining lends itself to music with an accompanying role that focuses on conversations, food and the company. It plays a supporting role and rests in the background. As Hilary Akers says in her article about restaurant music in the Financieele Dagblad:

The consensus is that the music is successful if the guest asks afterward whether there was actually music”.

The disadvantage of this tactic is that stirring music does not promote the appetite of the visitor. When the customer feels rushed, his appetite decreases and he will, therefore, be less likely to order an extra side dish or dessert.

Hamburger and Fries

Do’s and Don’ts of Restaurant Music
There is still a large gray area between fine dining and budget restaurants. With these do’s and don’ts, we hope to give you some tools to put together the perfect playlist for your restaurant.

Do: Make Sure The Kitchen Matches The Music
Does your restaurant only offer authentic dishes such as traditional Spanish or Italian cuisine? Then make sure you play authentic music that matches this. When a concept has been worked out in all facets of the restaurant, the visitor can experience the visit to your restaurant as a mini vacation.

Don’t: The Same Volume Throughout The Evening
Make sure music is playing when your restaurant opens so that the inconvenience of the first guests is somewhat anesthetized upon entering. You do not want your guests to whisper to each other because it is so quiet in your restaurant.

Don’t: Advertising About The Speakers
Nobody likes advertising. So the visitors to your restaurant don’t either. Therefore do not switch on radio but do not play music from a free Spotify account or YouTube playlist. You will then be guaranteed to hear advertisements between the numbers. An absolute killer for every restaurant experience.

Do: Experiment With Music Styles
Play jazz for a week and then classical music for a week. What effect does this have on average spending and visiting time? Because music is easier to adjust than other aspects of your restaurant, it is a fun way to experiment.

Asian Restaurant

Play music in your restaurant
Now that you have become aware of various matters that are important when choosing the right music for your restaurant, it is time to apply this to practice.