Tips to Grow Your Food Blogging


So you’ve started a food blog and are enjoying it, but you’ve hit a wall. You aren’t seeing the growth you had hoped for. Today, I’m going to show you how to engage your readers, keep them coming back, obtain visibility, write the greatest possible material, and transform your food blog into a welcoming community.

1) Establish a link

Isn’t that the point of blogging? Connecting the dots. I can’t tell you how many readers have emailed, tweeted, or messaged me to tell me they consider me a friend. Of course, in a non-creepy manner. I attempt to write and publish on social media in the form of a conversation with a buddy. What I write is exactly how I speak in person.

2) Pay attention

This is a follow-up to #1. Without you, my readers, I wouldn’t have a blog. If you have a question, I will do my best to respond. Offer substitute ingredients to your readers, listen to their suggestions, hold prizes, form a Facebook page, and participate in the discussions. Take time for them because they took the time to read your site. I recall an email I got last week in which a reader inquired about a certain dish, and I responded with my response.

3) The King of Content

Produce the highest possible great content using managed SEO services and write about what you enjoy. Readers can detect the difference between someone writing about a topic because it is their life and they enjoy it and somebody writing about it because it is a duty. There is no secret formula or method here; simply write about what you care about. I write about each because I enjoy being in my kitchen, using rainbow sprinkles, creating oatmeal cookies, and eating apple pie.

4) Allow others to join you in their own unique way.

Allow your viewers to easily follow your blog in the manner that they like. Whether it’s through an email membership, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or another social media platform, Include connections to all of your social media accounts in a prominent place.