Top 6 Popular Italian Dishes

December 23, 2022 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

Italy attracts visitors who want to explore its breathtaking scenery, distinct culture, and culinary delights. Here are some of the Popular Italian Dishes.

Pizza and pasta

During a vacation, one should not miss out on eating pasta and pizza, two iconic traditional Italian dishes.
Pasta varieties vary greatly depending on where you go in Italy. Make a point of trying the regional specialties in the cities you visit. If you’re visiting Rome, try the pasta alla carbonara, which is made with eggs, Pecorino cheese, guanciale (a type of Italian cured meat made from pork cheeks), and black pepper.



Arancini is a dish of stuffed rice balls that is crisp and golden brown. The rice balls are fried after being dusted with crunchy breadcrumbs.
Typically, these rice balls are filled with ragù, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and peas. Arancini, like pasta and pizza dishes in Italy, have a variety of regional variations. Depending on where the dish is prepared, regional specialties have a variety of fillings and shapes.


This well-loved and yet another classic Italian dish, believed to have originated in Naples, is made by baking sheets of lasagne pasta layered with cheese, ground meat, vegetables, and various sauces such as ragù, bechamel, or tomato sauce. This dish should not be overlooked if you want to experience authentic Italian cuisine.


Prosciutto is a dry-cured ham that is served uncooked and cut into thin slices. The best and most expensive prosciutto comes from Italy’s central and northern regions.
The cured meat is typically served with pasta or wrapped around slices of cheese or sweet melons.



In this dish, thin slices of veal are topped with salty prosciutto and herb leaves. These ingredients are sautéed in a pan with a toothpick until the meat is done. Different types of meat like chicken and mutton, are also used to make saltimbocca.
A well-prepared saltimbocca dish promises to be a delectable dish that melts away in the mouth. This savory delight is a must-try for locals and visitors alike in Italy.


Torrone is a creamy and sticky confection made with honey, egg whites, toasted nuts, and citrus zest. Thick slabs of this candy can be found in cafes and candy stores all over Italy.