Weird Foods Presented in Video Games But Not In Solitaire 7 Kabale

April 29, 2021 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

A game of solitaire 7 Kabale ( definitely not offer you a site of weird foods but allows you to play while enjoying your favorite snacks and drinks. But really, there are video games that you may come across that show an unimaginable way of presenting foods.

Strange Food In Video Games

In Japan, people eat raw fish, in Peru guinea pigs, and in Germany black pudding. Every nation has its own peculiarities when it comes to food, and video games are no exception. In our games, the developers sometimes serve up hair-raising dishes and strange foods.

Our food plays a major role in our lives and in our games. In the action-adventure portal, for example, the main character Chell is promised a cake at the end of successfully completed tests, and in the Pokémon series, the lava cookie heals the little monsters from poison, fire, ice, and other attacks. Equally useful is the Moogle cake from Final Fantasy XI. The appetizing-looking pastries give the character strength and charisma but above all health.

Other games like Earthworm Jim are less healthy. In Level Ate, the earthworm in a spacesuit is followed by a salt shaker. His escape route leads him past hamburger patties, over greasy strips of bacon, sausage stairs, and juicy steaks. In the Shoot ’em up Stinger, spaceships fight an oversized watermelon boss and in Food Battle the characters are attacked by food, such as armed donuts.

Here are more weird foods presented in video games

1. The wonderfully refreshing Nuka Cola is available in different versions in the Fallout series. With Nuka Cola Quantum, for example, Nuka-Cola grenades can be made, while the Nuka Cola Quartz gives the character the ability to night vision.

2. In the simulation game I am Bread, you are the food yourself. As a running slice of bread, it is your job to make a toast. On the way to the toaster, all kinds of obstacles and enemies await you, which you have to overcome.

3. You meet a not very appetizing, grilled dog in Silent Hill in the Central Square Shopping Center. Apparently, the dog was meant for a bigger meal because it is arranged on a serving plate and decorated with lettuce leaves.

4. Eating on wheels with a difference. In the racing game Top Gear Overdrive, you can choose a mobile taco to iron across the racetrack. In addition to the Mexican delicacy, there is also a racing hot dog at your disposal.

5. In the point-and-click adventure Broken Age, a monster is presented with very special sweets. At a village festival, called the Maidenfahl, young women are put into cakes and presented to the monster to eat.

6. Hotly contested Heferad: On a pizza floating in space, you fight robots that attack your base in the action game Nuclear Pizza War.

7. The burger boss opponent from Chameleon Twist 2 looks delicious but is a powerful adversary. He shoots the individual parts of his hamburger body at his enemies in order to force them off the platform.

8. In Adventure Jazzpunk you end up as a spy in a minigame called Joe’s Pizza. In the delicious pizza world, you hike on a salami and cheese path and use a pizza cutter to fight zombies, which also consists of the hearty dough dish.

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