What are the Four Types of Food Contamination?

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There are four main varieties of contamination: chemical, microbial, physical, and allergenic. All food is in danger of contamination from these four types. this is often why food handlers have an obligation to confirm that the food they prepare is free from these contaminants and safe for the patron.

Food contamination is dangerous. the results of eating contaminated food range from sickness all the thanks to death. due to this, it’s critical that you just understand what the four kinds of contamination are and the way you’ll be able to prevent them from affecting the security of food.

Chemical Contamination of Food
Chemical contamination happens when food becomes contaminated by some reasonably chemical substance. Chemicals are used frequently within the kitchen for cleaning and disinfection, so it’s unsurprising that they’ll contaminate food. Contamination may occur from preparing food on a surface that also has chemical residue thereon or if someone sprays cleaning chemicals near uncovered food.

Anybody who prepares and handles food must confirm that the food they serve is free from chemical contamination.

Physical Contamination of Food
Physical contamination happens when food has been contaminated by a distant object. Physical contamination can cause serious harm to the buyer, including broken teeth or choking.

Types of physical contaminants which will be found in food include jewelry, hair, plastic, bones, stones, pest bodies, and cloth. Additionally, if there are problems with the food premises or equipment, like flaking paint or loose screws during a piece of kit, then these may additionally enter a food. Physical contaminants may even carry harmful bacteria, posing a good greater risk.

Allergenic Contamination of Food
Allergenic contamination occurs when food that causes a hypersensitive reaction comes into contact with another food. for instance, if the identical knife accustomed to cut normal bread is then accustomed to cut gluten-free bread, or if pasta is stored during a tub that wont to contain peanuts.

There are 14 named allergens. These are the foods that account for the bulk of food allergies in people. For someone with an allergy, consuming even a small amount of that food is enough to cause a fatal reaction. As a result, it’s essential that you just prevent allergenic contamination of food on your premises.