What’s the Best Music to make Customers Feel the Vibe in Your Bar?

February 21, 2020 Arden Autumn 0 Comments

Songs, unlike applications are not created by algorithms. Rather, they are made by real people and those people are expected to be paid from their hard work. The fees that they’ve accumulated entirely do not end as soon as their recordings are played. Every single time that a piece of music is played whether it’s by a cover artist or original form, the composer should receive a percentage.

Hitting the Right Songs and Genres

After determining that you like to play music in your store, it is imperative to find the right tunes in setting the mood. Ambiance within a pub or bar extremely matters. It is the music being played that creates the sense of affiliation within the place. Meaning to say, you have to choose music that your patron would love and connect with. This is essential if you want your bar seeing long-term success. Basically, it is somewhat the same when doing online marketing for it. You have to be with the right SEO services in Perth that can increase brand visibility in the online spectrum.

At the same time, the experience that your patrons are expecting can have an influence to the music choice you’ll play. Whenever your guests come into your bar, are they expecting the following:

  • Light drinking patrons?
  • Kid-friendly environment?
  • Low light?
  • Loud music?
  • Dance floor?
  • Loud cursing?
  • Bare skin?

These are only few of the things to be put into consideration in setting up your bar or pub and playing some music to it.

In a study performed in Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, researchers discovered that people who go in bars prefer music that helps in amplifying their current mood.

If they are feeling calm and quiet, they prefer calmer and quieter music, if they’re feeling excited, then they are more likely to lean on exciting music.

Variety and Alignment

Every bar is different and so does the playlist they have. Thus, one genre of music may appear to be so aligned with some customers while others may be inappropriate. Because there are many kinds of bars and patrons, it is impossible to come up with a set of list that can meet every given environment.