Cafe and Restaurant You Must Visit In Breda, Netherlands

July 25, 2019 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

The city of Breda in the Netherlands is a place where you can enjoy traditional and contemporary whimsical culture. Breda’s history as a food and beverage manufacturing center It used to be an industry leader. This history continues in many cafés and restaurants in the city. 

Best Dutch Restaurants

Cafes In Breda That You Must Visit

1. Binen Breda

Binnen Breda is a popular dining destination for locals and tourists in Breda. Binnen Breda is located on the Nieuwe Mark River, next to the Hoie Burg Bridge, in a magnificent building in the city centre. One of the charms of that attraction is that it acts as a restaurant during the day and night and becomes a trendy and stylish cocktail bar. The restaurant is three-story and carefully designed to blend in some of the old elements of the building, including luxurious carpets on the second floor and aged wine cans near the bar by the table. The terrace seating offers outdoor views of the river. Continental and French dishes are served in Binnen Breda restaurant. Remember that for the popularity of the place, you can sometimes wait.

2. Gauchos

Gauchos is part of Breda’s local cuisine, as the Netherlands is a country that likes to emphasize cooking around the world. Gao Qiao is part of the expansion chain of other outposts across the country and has become popular in Breda since its opening. Thanks to the rich menu of Argentine cuisine. Located in the popular Grote Markt district, the restaurant steadily attracts customers in many parts of the city. This is an authentic steakhouse that reflects the style of the Buenos Aires facility and extends to a beautiful plaster wall. It is also a respect for the entire existence of the Spanish Empire, which established the Breda base of the 18th century. In terms of price, it is luxurious and varied, from sausages and steaks to appetizers to steaks and ribs to various menus. Gauchos is very fascinating, and if you don’t book early, you can meet a lot of people.

3. Chocolat

Chocolat, located in the heart of the city not far from Grote Markt, is a high-quality fusion restaurant that emphasizes elegance and chocolate. When the customer arrives, the staff will bring the court on arrival. Comfortable decoration, overall chocolate brown theme. Opened in 2003, the restaurant is run by four chefs, including Dorus Clement, a past finalist of The Taste, hosted by celebrity Anthony Bourdain. Gourmets can enjoy selected wines such as chocolate sashimi and lobster French seafood soup. For those who want to protect privacy during meals, the hotel has a private courtyard.

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