Hearty Snacks for Movie Nights

October 23, 2018 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

Want to make movie nights or watching full online movies much better? Here are some healthy snack ideas that you could pair with your favorite film to improve your movie-viewing experience.


We all know that popcorn is the most popular snack that goes well with watching a good movie. Not only is it tasty, but is also filled with healthy fiber and antioxidants, which may aid and protect you from cancer and heart disease. Just make sure you don’t put so much salt and butter on your popcorn.


According to research, a generous serving of blueberries can boost your memory and focus for up to five hours since blueberries are considered as “superfood” that’s good for your brain. This denotes that even if the storyline of the film is complicated, you’ll be able to grasp the plot and catch on. This is so since blueberries increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Moreover, as a bonus, the antioxidants present in the berries also foster better cardiovascular health.


A study from Cornell University and Brand lab discovered that movie audiences have an inclination to choose and consume unhealthy snacks when viewing action movies. So, when planning to watch an action movie, substitution your nachos for broccoli, which is crammed with compounds that boosts the memory such as flavonol quercetin and folic acid.


Avocadoes are full of monounsaturated fat that can make blood flow to the brain better. Guacamole will surely please your crowd on your movie night and will improve your brainpower.


Everybody likes to feel happy whilst viewing a motion picture. Nibbling on dark chocolate triggers the release of pleasurable neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which causes us to feel happier. Researchers found that the flavanols in dark chocolate can enhance brain function as well as improve overall attentiveness.


Watching movies can set off mindless chomping, pistachios can be your answer to control how much you gobble down throughout your movie time. Studies reveal that consuming shelled pistachios can aid in controlling your caloric intake since shelling each nut slows down your eating. The shells that thrown away deliver a sign to your brain to think of how much you’ve been munching on.