Tips for Healthy Eating During a Long Trip

December 11, 2019 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

FITNESS and health during a long journey are clearly important for everyone joining the trip. Food and dietary factors are among the few considerations in order to stay healthy during a long journey. In many instances, fast foods and huge restaurants do not meet the needs of the body. In this regard, here are healthy eating guidelines to follow in order to maintain a healthy body on a long trip.

Healthy Eating While Traveling

Know your destination

When going on a trip, depending on your destination, you will need to nourish yourself along the way. If you are taking a shuttle from Vail to Denver airport, you can pack small food items on the way. Once you reach your destination, avoid stopping at fast-food restaurants when you feel hungry. Instead, look for a restaurant that serves a complete and balanced healthy meal to refuel your body through your trip.

Plan supplies

As much as possible, prepare a nutrient-dense stock. Avoid junk foods. These snacks have a huge amount of preservatives and calories that you would like to stay away from. Fill your bag with healthy snacks such as jerky, biscuits, or nuts.

Eat every 2 to 3 hours

No no need to eat a lot in one sitting. Eat every 2 to 3 hours throughout your trip. This means munching a handful of nuts or dried fruit until you reach your destination or until you can get a full meal.

Pack some green foods

You might focus more on eating foods that make you full faster. In that case, you can pack with you small servings of fruits and vegetables. You can also buy freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in small packages or in large quantities and mix them into breakfast foods. Pack them in small containers ready to go.

Drink lots of water

Bring with you a bottle of water on your trip. You will need to be hydrated through your trip. Chug down a drink of water every after munching a few of your packed foods. This keeps your mouth from drying and craving for colder drinks like soda.

Supplements for better sleep

Supplements such as melatonin can be taken as you travel through different time zones. These supplements can help you reset your internal clock, so you can better adjust to a new location.

From a weight-loss perspective, good sleep is the key. A study in the journal Obesity in 2013 found that a lack of quality sleep for one night can increase hunger hormones that make people buy high-calorie foods.