Wear What You Eat? Is It Even Possible?

November 13, 2021 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

Each one of us likes something very specific to our taste. For example, if you just purchased a techwear hoodie, it’s because you specifically like the design or the comfort and style that these hoodies offer.

But have you ever wondered if there are other people who have a specific liking for meals clothing? Salty studios understand this that’s why they have featured “Wear What You Eat.” Now, you don’t literally wear meat and veggies. But the idea is to design a clothing line based on the food you eat.

Wear What You Eat by MEALS Clothing

meals clothing by salty studios

An LA-based clothing brand went the extra mile to create a clothing line inspired by food. The clothing design mimics the color and design patterns of food. Their clothing line features watermelon patterns, fish patterns, and other meal combinations we adore every day.

The clothing ideology wants to explain that the production of clothes and food are practically the same.

“Food preparation and clothes production are very identical. In order to make your favorite t-shirt, cotton has to be grown and milled, cut and sewn, and finally, it has to be dyed. To prepare your favorite salad, you practically go through the same process. Romaine has to be grown, harvested and cleaned, chopped and washed, and finally, drizzled in your favorite spices and olive oil.”

Considering this fact, the clothing brand put together in their first collection, used clothes and other overstocked apparel. With a little magic (paint, dye, and creativity), they come up with beautiful pieces while staying faithful to the principles they believe in. Using used and overstocked apparel reduces textile waste and at the same time minimizes costs.

So in summary, to answer the question, Is it even possible to wear what you eat? Well, MEALS clothing brand made it possible but not literally, of course. The MEALS collection is available online. For those interested in their clothing line, check out their work on Salty Studios. Contribute to a great cause with each purchase you make.