When Food Becomes a Cosmetic Ingredient

December 29, 2018 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

It boggles the imagination how many mass-market body care products nowadays are almost completely composed of petroleum-derived chemicals, whose toxicity are completely established. Require parabens for instance.

As soon as we slather these compound concoctions on our skin, they enter right into the circulatory and lymph systems, depositing in internal organs and body fat. That is the reason why, obviously, you shouldn’t put in your body whatever you cannot, or wouldn’t consume.

All these endocrine-disrupting, estrogen-like petrochemicals are discovered at concentrations are greater compared to estrogen  levels normally found in human breast tissues, resulting in the tremendously regarding conclusion which human hormones are presently being eclipsed by artificial chemicals.

Oil for Cosmetics

And should be amazed? Petroleum is anywhere. We construct and power our automobiles from it. We augmentation plastic to our breasts, also we coating our veggies with USDA/FDA-approved’food level oil.’ Our full global food program is powered by nitrogen urea based fertilizers, fertilizers and relevant agrichemicals that are all petrochemical in source.

Oil based hydrocarbons form the foundation for the molecular building blocks of several synthetic patent medications, and even a number of those vitamins (e.g. dl-alpha tocopherol). Our foreign policy is mainly predicated on invading nations for apparently political/ethical motives who just happen to be sitting ‘our oil’. It’s difficult to envision how we could escape our reliance on the petrochemical industrial institution, provided how vertically integrated it’s into every aspect of contemporary life, such as the very fabric of our own bodies.

  • There are definite steps we could take to enhance the circumstance, beginning with our very own bodies. One of these would be to bring back early’food makeup’ such as liquid coconut oil for skin.
  • The results demonstrate that coconut oil hydrates the hair shaft while mineral oil doesn’t. The gap might be caused by the polarity of this coconut oil when compared with the nonpolar nature of the mineral oil.
  • They discovered that coconut oil has been capable of preventing skin fungi called dermatophytes, giving a potential explanation for why the fungal disease of the scalp, a disease called tinea capitis.

Increasingly, science affirms that the worth of traditional folk medicine in disease prevention and therapy. After several years of immense misrepresentation, coconut oil has gained broader acceptance not only as a healthy meals, but as a medicinal agent effective at equally nourishing and healing the human body in a way that xenobiotic compounds by their very nature can’t.