Which Foods Are Best To Eat After Exercise?

Sticky Post November 13, 2021 Norwood Faulkner 0 Comments

At least as important as exercising is recovering your body and muscles afterwards. After your workout in the pool or the gym, there are certain foods that you can eat to recover. We list them for you. The recovery phase after exercise is necessary to allow your body to regain strength and to give your muscles the necessary nutrients to recover. During exercise, small tears appear in your muscle tissue that must be patched afterwards to get new muscle tissue and stronger muscles. It is best to eat within 1 to 2 hours after your exercise, even if you are not yet hungry at that time. During that time, your body absorbs carbohydrates more easily, which will give you energy again. Also, drink plenty of water and continue to do so until 4 to 6 hours after exercise. Moisture is the most essential nutrient your body needs at that time. If you have sweated a lot, you have to replenish all that lost fluid and you also need sodium, which you find in salted food. By the way, visit techwear hoodie.

A hard-boiled egg

Eggs are rich in protein and contain various vitamins and minerals. They are the ideal snack after strength training because they stimulate your muscle building. So if you have just worked very intensively on your muscles in the gym, then put a brown sandwich or whole-grain cracker with a hard-boiled egg to boost your energy level again. Season with some salt and pepper and your sodium content will also be in proportion.

Cottage cheese with banana and nuts

If you have exercised intensively in the evening and afterwards feel a hunger pang, it is better not to opt for a heavy meal. Then a portion of cottage cheese with bananas and nuts is the ideal solution. Cottage cheese is rich in proteins and the carbohydrates in the banana replenish your energy supply. The nuts, whichever kind you prefer, will make you feel full thanks to their unsaturated fats and proteins.

A salad with chicken

Lean chicken breast is perfect for after a workout where you burned your muscles. Also for those who exercise to lose weight, a salad with chicken breast is the ideal meal for afterwards. Quick to prepare, easy to make and it will satisfy your hunger without adding all those calories right away. Chicken contains a lot of protein and therefore strengthens the muscles after training.

Chocolate milk

Yes, you read that right. After an hour of fitness or a run, you can drink a glass of chocolate milk to strengthen your body. With proteins, calcium, magnesium and potassium you build your muscles while the sugars provide energy.


A smoothie with fresh fruit and a splash of yoghurt also works wonders after your Zumba class or running session. In addition to proteins and sugars, smoothies also contain many vitamins and moisture to sufficiently hydrate your body. What if you are dieting? It may seem pointless to eat after exercise if you want to lose weight, but it is necessary. If you don’t give your muscles the necessary building blocks to recover, the muscle tissue will break down. Your metabolism will then slow down and burn fewer calories.