Why Plenty of Musicians Have Tattoos

January 9, 2020 Janele Amethyst 0 Comments

Tattoos are very prominent among varying age groups and genders. It is believed that tattoos existed thousand of years ago by a caveman. Ever since that time, plenty of people find tattoos cool and empowering especially among men.

In the present times, you will notice that males have tattoos on their bodies because of many possible reasons: they think that tattoos will make them look cooler, more masculine, and superior. Nowadays, females are being empowered, they think that it is their body and they will do whatever what they want with it. However, when it comes to the size of the tattoo, girls have smaller size compared to boys.

Aside from regular people like those that you see everyday in school or at work, the group of people who love tattoos very much are musicians, specifically rock star. There are musicians who are not contented with one tattoo on one part of their body, some preferred to have on both their arms and legs, for instance. There are people who really like tattoos but the fear of not being able to remove the tattoo hinder them. The truth is that, even permanent tattoos can be removed through tattoo removal gold coast

We were able to ask some musicians why most of them are in to tattoos and they said that “tattoos are awesome. It boosts our confidence especially when we are performing on stage. Also, it makes us powerful because it feels like we are more masculine compared to those who do not have a tattoo. It more of an edge”

Below are musicians that have lots of tattoos on their bodies:

1. Harry Styles – millennial are probably familiar with this name. He is a British musician and a member of the popular group One Direction. According to the rumors, he has an estimate of 50 tattoos on his body.

2. Rihanna – not only male musicians have plenty of tattoos, but even females. Rihanna has 20 tattoos over her body.

3. Justin Bieber – a lot of people are probably aware of this because JB posts topless photos on his Instagram account showing the tattoos on his upper body.