Don’t Compromise Your Immune System

April 20, 2020 Davis Anderson 0 Comments

Improve Your Immune System

In these times of health crisis (like the attach of COVID-19), it is most essential that we take vital steps to boost our immune system. About 80% of the immune system is in the intestine. In short, the digestive system is essential to maintain a strong defense for the body to combat infections.

A good fiber intake supports the gastrointestinal system very smoothly, effectively and completely. Optimal gastrointestinal health requires action at all levels. A key herbal combination is needed by the body to prevent gastrointestinal problems and get proper intestinal function and nutrient ingestion.

Spring bowel cleansing

It is recommended that you clean every 6 months to support a healthy digestive system. Now that your child has returned to school or a daycare center, prepare to prevent inevitable runny nose, cough, and ear infections.

While it is true that a child’s immunity increases when exposed to a variety of viruses, it is not desirable that the child become ill each time the virus spreads. Measures can be taken during this season to prevent and minimize the effects of winter illness.

Prevent Illness During Cold Winter

First of all, as a parent, the most important thing you have to do is provide them with a caring and positive environment. Protect them from emotional stress, promote laughter and the joy of life. Children also need a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain their immunity.

Encourage nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Homemade biscuits, muffins, and other foods help your child have fun in the kitchen with healthy and pure ingredients (such as whole wheat flour) and natural immune support (such as ginger and honey). Make sure your child sleeps well every night.

Children’s minds and bodies are constantly changing and adequate sleep helps them to regenerate, recover and renew. In addition, resting children are less frustrated and happy. By following some simple tips, you and your child can enjoy the beauty of winter.

Another important factor in keeping children happy and healthy is to make Mother Nature our best friend. Encouraging them to play outdoors, to drink more, and get fresh air, and daily exercise has a positive impact on their health and well-being.

Make sure that your home is equipped with good ventilation. Check your air conditioning units, bring them emergency air conditioning repairs when needed. Good ventilation is also as important as receiving fresh air from outdoors.