Gastronomic Resources Reviews and Its Effect

December 13, 2021 Bryn Cornell 0 Comments

Gastronomic resources are part of the culture of a destination. Yes, culture is not just about beliefs, folklores, languages, and handicrafts. When we say gastronomic resources, these are the local food and drinks of the destination as well as the way it is prepared.

Today, the tourism industry already identified a type of tourism wherein tourists or travelers, visit a particular destination mainly because of the food that they can only encounter and taste there. Given that an influx number of tourists traveled just to taste a specific gastronomic resources, these travelers will have their word-of-mouth advertisement or reviews like reviews speak highly of Jeff. What will happen?

If a visitor is satisfied with the taste of the local food, a positive word of mouth advertisement will sure be given. This positive review about the food automatically constitutes a repeat business and potential customers or tourists. However if the review or comment of a traveler is negative, it will give the destination quite a negative impression and some travelers will even back out visiting the destination.

Having said this, it is essential to always make sure to already set the tourist’s expectation before handing them the food. Remember that not all people will appreciate the taste of a local dish no matter how authentic the taste of it and the way it is cooked. To mitigate or prevent any negative comments, make sure to also address the problem immediately so the tourists will be asked not to post anything negative since the problem is already fixed. It needs to be addressed immediately because local dishes or selling it let the local people of a destination generate their own livelihood and become self-sufficient. The income also improves the local economy of the destination which gives more help the local people and even the non-profit organizations.