Having Fun with Food & Guns

October 14, 2018 Davis Anderson 0 Comments


Individuals from around the Globe visit with a town in the Western state of Colorado, Rifle. A number of the traffic stop at a restaurant called the Grill of Shooter. They go there for the food and for your waitresses. When they attract their foods to customers these girls openly carry loaded guns. Customers are also welcome to bring rich firearms into the eatery.

We heard that a mix of opinions about this most unusual business. It is late afternoon on a Monday. Yet at this hour, people are lining up to eat Shooter’s Grill.

The open-carry policy of the restaurant is supported by the waiters at the restaurant. It’s not a problem in any way because it’s holstered all the time, and the need never arises to need to take it out.

The Story of Shooter’s Grill

The owner’s stand is “God, guns and good food.” She along with her husband opened the eatery. Because it is in Rifle — a town called for a gun they called it Shooter’s Grill. According to her, there was an altercation in the alley where a man was overcome to departure. And it kind of alarmed her, and that she wanted a way to protect herself, and to protect her employees to protect her customers.

Searching is gone by people in the town, and devote a lot of time outdoors. The business’s gun policy is appropriate due to the heritage and respect for guns in this part of the USA. If two individuals each have a gun that they have something to talk about.

People from other countries visit with the restaurant. They came to find the weapons, reloading guns; food and  drinks fun. We stopped here since we’re a little bit hungry, and also a man on the street say this grill is famous for beautiful women and all women are wearing firearms.

Guns should not be permitted in a restaurant. They believe letting waitresses and clients carry loaded weapons is a way for the Grill to market the business of Shooter.

The subject of firearms is one in the United States. Most Americans say there are too many firearms in the country. Other people say they’re permitted under the U.S. Constitution to own weapons and they will not stop doing so.