Makeup Secrets from Foods

January 25, 2019 Bryn Cornell 0 Comments

At one stage in my life, I totally stopped wearing soap, washing my face wash and that I certainly quit shaving lotion.

I went nearly two years without even sporting a single fall of make-up (such as permanente make up rotterdam) and you know everything? I looked beautiful. Why was this? I discovered that a few of my favorite foods were really the very ideal make-up merchandise a woman could desire.

They look as great as they taste (except for a few of these among the — which tastes disgusting) and they are super easy to use. Additionally, it is cool that ingesting them works wonders at the attractiveness section.


Actual Unadulterated Spring Water Foundation

You are probably annoyed that I tagged water as “base,” since you are probably thinking that water is not likely to do anything to cover your skin’s imperfections but bear in mind.

Hydration is the skin’s best buddy. In earlier times spring water cured dry patches of eczema and skin on my head getting rid of the demand for the base. That I believe is far more amazing than needing to wear a base. It may not work for everybody — but it is worth a go. For optimum results, gather your water in a true spring and then keep in glass jars in a cool location.


Raw Cacao Bronzer

Raw cacao powder blended with coconut oil smells yummy and is amazing if implemented at a thin layer in your face at which you’d typically coating on bronzer. Occasionally I use a very thin coating to my whole face — particularly when I’m looking somewhat paler than I’d love to. Should you do this be sure to be applicable to your neck also.


Spirulina Eye Shadow

Yep, you may not think me, however, wild-grown algae create a gorgeous eye shadow! To use, I mix with coconut oil you might also use shea butter or every other type of oil that you have about and are relevant to your eyelids using a Q-tip.
It will likely require a few layers until the color shows itself. Besides spirulina, I’ll use a thin coating of my olive oil — cacao mix in my bottom lid — that the color combination is stunning!


Blueberry Eye Shadow

Wherever you live you may readily locate frozen blueberries from the frozen foods section of your supermarket shop. While I wish to make a wonderful blue eye shadow — I just allow the berries thaw, sew them up at a tiny dish and after that apply to my eyelids using a Q-tip or my palms.

Employ a couple layers allowing the juice after every program. Blueberries make a superb lip color. For color on the move maintain a little jar of your own blueberry mash on your handbag and throw it out after a few hours. This lip color won’t continue forever. It is also possible to attempt any sort of berry set.


Blackberry Mascara

That is the very best choice if you would like to calibrate your lashes with food. Adhere to exactly the identical mashing technique which I explained with the blueberries and then also are applicable to your lashes employing a Q-tip. Blackberries may also function as a blush, eye shadow or to reevaluate your brows.


Beet Lipstick

Beets will be my favorite lip color of most them — such as my hearty stash or actual lipsticks. To use beet lipstick only slice open an original beet and press on the vegetable from your lips.
Again do so in layers so you can make certain to become extreme color. Beet can be good as a normal blush. It is really super fairly. Just have a piece of beet and rub on it directly beneath your cheekbones make certain to combine it in so that it does not seem streaky.


Coconut Oil Lip Gloss

Easy Peasy. Nothing more to be mentioned here. My favorite all in a single go-to food which seems astonishing everywhere on my entire body — like my own lips (and on my eye-balls once I’ve had pink-eye) — would be coconut oil.
It creates such a fairly lip-gloss once you would like just a small amount of elegance, but no pigment.